Small Leather Office Couch

Commercial, for rest, receiving customers

Product Details

    Small leather office couch

In your office, you definitely need some office furniture to be used to receive customers. So, we provide the small leather office couch for you.The small leather office couch is a product that belongs to our mid- to high-end products and is used to create a business-friendly customer reception room.Its relaxed and simple appearance gives the user a comfortable look and feel, along with this kind of affinity.Of course, the small leather office couch is not only for customer reception, you can use it for the rest of the staff, which is also a great experience.

More Introduction

Product name

Small leather office couch


ColorsGrayish white(mix color)
  1. Genuine leather/PU/microfiber leather available

  2. High-strength steel frame,filled in high density foam

  3. Chromed steel legs with PU upholstery


N.WTo be determined
Packing Volume




Delivery time25days for 20GP/40HQ

Small leather office couch

Small leather office couch Partial details
We still use high-quality leather materials for small leather office couch , but it is not limited to one fabric. For details, please refer to the above table. Also available in a variety of colors for customization, can give customers more choices.Small leather office couch leather color
high quality spongeThe high-quality sponge used in the inner material has good resilience, is safe and harmless, and is thickened at the same time, so that users will not feel any discomfort after using for a long time.
In the frame part, we adopt the structural design of all solid wood and alloy material. Compared with the simple splicing of other peers, our products will be stronger and more durable, which is unique to our company.wood material frame

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We have multiple exhibition halls, customers can visit us at any time to inspect the quality of our products. At the same time, we can also draw inspiration from the space and exchange experiences to help us and our customers to achieve mutual benefit.

Our company has been using the strict QA system, and there is absolutely no sloppyness on the production line. We know that this is the source of confidence of our customers. We can attract more customers to cooperate with us if we do our best.quality assurance
Market rangeNow that we have opened up the international market to a large extent, we are trying to reach out to more foreign customers, and we will explore the development direction of our company and produce more products that meet the needs of our customers.