Wooden Coffee Table

Quality and artistic sense coexist, simple and elegant beauty. The furniture produced is solemn and light luxurious. Pass on the "less is more" design concept, subvert the traditional luxurious, revealing the character and sensibility, emanating light luxury, the unique charm of simple life.

Product Details

Wooden Coffee Table CJ025

Simple is the Taking a magazine from the coffee table, wrapped in comfort sofa, enjoy the cozy break time with coffee and reading. You will love this moment. And the wooden steel coffee table design CJ025 is the fit in well in this atmosphere.


Overall View

Item description

Wooden Coffee Table

Model No.

CJ025-1, CJ025-2

Unit Volume

0.02cbms /   0.01cbms

Item Dimension

Center coffee table   W1300*D640*430H

Side coffee   table W640*D640*430H

Product range

Modern coffee   table, simplest coffee table, metal side table


Image Gallery

Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Table sofa side table

Wooden coffee table advantage lies in the use of natural wood, more natural appearance, and strong and durable, green and environmental protection, (the general production process of solid wood coffee table) does not contain artificial additives, there is no potential pollution.

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