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The Erasmus Bridge ,which is known as the called "Swan Bridge" because its elegant posture ,stable structure and superb weight bearing. We extend its design concept to office furniture ,creating an elegant and light design style office space for both shape and structure...

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Stylish executive office desk MZ01

The new generation of the workplace brings a new way of working, accepting the challenges from the new forces, presenting the future with a new look, full of possibilities. Modern executive desk is preferred mostly recent years. This is one of our executive desks called Stylish executive office desk MZ01.


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Stylish executive office desk

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25MM E1 grade laminated panels. Die   cutting aluminium legs.


New design office desk, Manager desk,   modern office desk, young office table.




Young as you are

Stylish executive office desk

Hello, color.

Choosing three colors to match, we judge that there are always some people who love the pure nature of the wood color. There are always some people who like the purity and elegance of white. There are always people who appreciate the Intellectual and restraint of blue. What is your choice?

White Stylish executive office desk

Wood Stylish executive office desk

We try our best to please your eyes


Work deserves to be gentle

The beveled countertop design of stylish executive office desk MZ01 is not only for the sake of beauty, not just for the design, but for the moment when you lean on the countertop or work, the touch is gentler and the experience is more comfortable.

Stylish executive office desk manufacturer

Stylish executive office desk with lock cabinet

Stylish executive office desk with degree legs

Details in your eyes

Number lock

Stylish leg

CPU cooling fan

Stylish executive office desk with CPU fans


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