Office Workstation Partition

Office Partition can be fashion like LOPO ZY05

Product Details

Office workstation partition ZY05

Compact and efficient, this is the most basic work module, occupies the least area, maximizes the space utilization. The office, receive, insurance function is complete,  especially suitable for mobile office crowd, concise and tall. Office workstation partition use high partition to protect the privacy and define office regions.

Model nameOffice workstation partition
Model codeZY05
General sizeW3200*D1420*H750mm
Color selections

Bean green+ sunlight white+ sea blue

Main materialPanel+ Aluminium+ Fabric
CombinationSingle seat, 2 seat, 4 seat, 6 seat , L shape desk, linear shape desk.
HighlightModern design desk, fashion color, functional alum bar, combination lock drawers.
PackingKnock-down packing

Image exhibit in the showroom
Office Workstation Partition
Office Workstation Partition

Product feature

Office Workstation Partition panel

Office Workstation Partition metal

  1. Panel: A-Grade melamine faced chipboard, PVC edge, scratch resistant, durable, strong structure.

  2. Hardware: metal with power coated, strong anti-rust.

  3. Size and color:can customized.

  4. OEM order is welcome at any time.

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Office Workstation Partition Office Workstation Partition
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This ZY series has multiple combinations because its special partition design.

Office Workstation Partition different option
office workstation Triangleoffice workstation Triangle office workstation line shape office workstation Triangle



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