Single Seat Office Workstation

Single Seat Office Workstation

Single, large, convenient

Product Details

Single seat office workstation

If you need to equip your office area with a certain number of single desks,then the single seat office workstation is an ideal product for you.The material used on the tabletop is a thick and durable melamine board. The support part is designed with stainless steel legs and cross-support. The table top is equipped with a bezel and a small tray, which can provide users with an efficient and convenient office experience.


Product name

Single seat office workstation




Oak+dark blue

U-Weight (kgs)


Dimension   (w*d*h)mm



1.25mm E1 melamine panel

2.steel frame and leg

3.melamine screen



U-Volume (cbms)


Leat Time

30 Days after deposit received


30% deposit, balance pre-shipment

Single seat office workstation

Partial details

The full range of desktops are equipped with high-quality melamine panels. The cutting and polishing of fabrics are based on high standards in the industry. After the customer experience, the value of the melamine can be found.high-quality melamine panels
Melamine workstation screen

The workstation is equipped with a metal baffle for users to post sticky notes and other documents. The baffle is also equipped with a plastic tray, which can be used for users to place stationery, mobile devices, etc., which brings great convenience to users.

The bottom of the workstation features a cross-shaped stainless steel leg set, and a slender stainless steel beam embedded in the bottom of the workstation, which plays a very good role in the reinforcement of the entire workstation.cross-shaped stainless steel leg set

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